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Media & Movie Production

Promotion & Publicity

One of the major goals at SpurFilm is to increase public awareness of Transylvania in the world travel marketplace. We are acutely aware that there is much work to be done to enhance the overseas perspective of Romania. Transylvania is a photographer's and film-maker's dream come true. Not only does it possess breathtaking landscapes - with glaciers and waterfalls, but the region is rich in history - with many medieval villages and fortified churches. Dense forests carpet the mountains, and wild flowers adorn the river valleys. Bears and wolves still run free in the mountains. With minimal impact from industrialisation, Transylvania offers truly unspoilt locations for movie production, without any external noise from traffic or aircraft. We are in the process of producing a multi-part television documentary series about traditional rural life in Transylvania. This is designed to raise the status of Transylvania in the minds of international viewers, alert them to the rich culture and bio-diverstity of the region, and encourage them to come and take a look for themselves while enjoying a relaxing holiday. In addition, we are gradually building a multimedia archive of images of Transylvania containing both video and digital stills which we will make available to users through a special website.

Filming in the Transylvanian Alps

Quarterly DVD Production

SpurFilm are planning a sponsored quarterly DVD which will be made available free of charge to anyone interested in knowing about the geography, history, culture and seasonal activities in Transylvania. This DVD will be made available at public and trade travel shows around the World and also through advertising in travel journals and newspapers. The DVD will be constructed as a one hour television destination travel show with magazine items of interest to anyone seeking a superb holiday in an amazing, largely unexplored region of Europe. Content will include sponsored magazine items and blocks of publicity commercials which relate to products and services in Transylvania.

Transylvania Film Commission

With a superb range of ecosystems and unspoilt landscapes, Transylvania offers unique opportunities for international movie and documentary production. The Transylvania Film Commission aims to make life easier for art directors and production managers in their search for the ideal location. Encouraging movie production in Transylvaia will benefit local inhabitants by bringing foreign currency to the region, and also raising public awareness of the spectacular landscapes. In the long-term the Transylvania Film Commission will actively encourage documentary and movie production about the wide range of Transylvanian subjects, and assist in obtaining grants and subsidies for production. SpurFilm will also create a fund to train and support Romanians living in Transylvania who wish to follow a career in the film business.

Filming traditional village transportation

A Rich Landscape

SpurFilm are particularly strong in their understanding of documentary and natural history production, and can offer experienced historical and cultural research prior to actual filming. Transylvania is rich in wildlife, flora and fauna, and possesses a range of biodiversity which is unique in Europe. SpurFilm can provide documented scientific knowledge of birds, mammels and their local habitats. They regularly arrange expeditions to view bears and wolves in their indigenous environment.

With the dramatic Carpathian Mountains as a backdrop, Transylvania also offers first-class opportunities for filming and photography in the air. So SpurFilm can arrange suitable helicopters for camera mounts, and arrange necessary permissions with the Romanian air traffic control authority.

Movie Production Expertise

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To maximise the potential of this incredibly rich environment, SpurFilm offer experienced location research, coupled with local knowledge connections, and a sophisticated understanding of the Transylvanian climate, infrastructure, meals and accommodation for actors, crews and film production staff

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In addition to an experienced British film and television producer/director as technical advisor on their team, SpurFilm offer instant crewing in Transylvania to Western European broadcast standards. They provide local drivers, "fixers" and translators in all the language groups of Transylvania

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SpurFilm have a database of all film and video production suppliers in Transylvania, and can arrange short-notice rentals of film and video equipment, together with suitable crew and equipment transportation. Timber is plentiful in Transylvania, and experienced labour is still relatively inexpensive, so SpurFilm can provide extremely cost-effective set-construction. High-quality costumes can also be produced to submitted designs

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