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This is the Transylvanian website of SpurFilm - an experienced media and marketing organisation - who seek to promote and protect the landscape, history and culture of this largely unexplored region of Eastern Europe. SpurFilm offer free advice to anyone planning to visit the region, whether for business or pleasure. This includes a wealth of ideas for eco-friendly holidays, and professional information for film companies who are seeking a new spectacular landscape for their next production.

SpurFilm work with local businesses who care about this special environment and the various ethnic groups who live here. Whatever your interest in Transylvania, we would like to hear from you. Perhaps you will become part of the growing international community who are enthusiastically working with Romanian partners to develop and grow Transylvania for the benefit of everyone in the region?

We have been operating in this region for almost a decade and we recognise the strong potential of Transylvania for eco-tourism. During this period we have become sensitive to the local environment and culture, and we ensure our media-related activities are sustainable and eco-friendly. Wherever possible we involve local Transylvanian people and share our knowledge and experience with them.

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A saxon-german fortified church

Unique In Europe

Transylvania is unique in all of Europe. It's a landscape that has changed little since medieval times - and is still dotted with centuries-old churches which were fortified to protect village inhabitants from armed invasion. The surrounding farmland is rich in bio-diversity with a large variety of habitats and species. It's an important economic as well as a cultural asset for Romania.

Transylvania is a complex mix of many cultures overlayed one on another, and this offers a unique opportunity to explore several different ethnic groups within a relatively short distance of each other. These consist of Romanians, Hungarians - including Székelers, Saxon-Germans, and Gypsies who speak a variety of Roma dialects. The Romanians call Transylvania "Ardeal", the Hungarians and Székelers "Erdély". Translated, both these words mean essentially the same.... "Beyond the Forest". The Saxons called Transylvania "Siebenburgen" - after the seven cities they built here.

Rural tourism is being developed here by organisations like Fundatia ADEPT, who provide a link between national and international tour agents, and the many village guesthouses in Transylvania. The Mihai Eminescu Trust are creating traditional-style guesthouses from restored Saxon-German dwellings, and the Kalnoky Conservation Trust is doing similar work in the Hungarian-Szekeler communities. ADEPT are also working with the Romanian road administration to design distinctive village signs and local maps for walkers, motorists and cyclists.

In addition, an agro-tourism course has been designed to better equip ordinary farming families to obtain vital additional income from agro-tourism shops which sell local products to tourists, and other related activities such a tour guiding.

SpurFilm assist and support the work of the following organisations who provide unique access to the culture and history of Transylvania while at the same time protecting and preserving the landscape and its contents for the benefit of the local inhabitants - today and tomorrow. . .

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