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About Us


SpurFilm have been producing broadcast television programmes for global audiences for over 25 years. In addition to Cluj-Napoca, we have an office in Los Angeles, California, and associate companies in Canada, Hungary, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. We can operate effectively in any continent or language culture.

A SpurFilm crew interviewing tourists in the Apuseni Mountains, Transylvania

We have a broad experience of many genres of production including drama, documentary, news and current affairs, travel and destination videos, corporate information and training, videowall presentations for trade fairs, and promotional DVDs. In particular we take great pride in our editing skills. Our edit suites have taken responsibility for hundreds of broadcast television programmes. Our broadcasters include the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Discovery Channel, WGBH Boston, and New Zealand Television.

A SpurFilm broadcast edit suite

We have been producing broadcast tv programmes, videos and DVDs in Romania for almost 10 years, and know the country intimately. We have done location research everywhere - from Maramures to the Danube Delta, and from Bucovina to Oltenia. During this time we visited many interesting people and developed some good friendships. In particular we recorded details of most Romanian historical sites, and places where deep-rooted traditional culture still survives. But we also film corporate videos and create DVDs for businesses, and this work takes us into a wide variety of workplaces - including high-security aerospace facilities, hotels, food processing plants, supermarkets, construction sites, breweries, and steelworks.

A SpurFilm cameraman in the steelworks at Galati, Romania

We have great respect for the subjects of our films, and take great care to avoid any interruption to the patterns of daily life. We work anywhere in the world, in any language or culture. We have reversioned entire series from one language to another using local actors for voice-overs, and we can apply subtitles where necessary. We can also produce multi-language DVDs for global distribution.

Our hungarian translator from Zalau, Transylvania

We are based in Cluj-Napoca - the capital city of Transylvania. The local Cluj airport provides direct flights to Barcelona, Bologna, Budapest, Dortmund, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Milan, Munich, Rome, Vienna, and of course the Romanian capital, Bucharest. Many of these flights are operated by low-cost airlines. We can quickly gain access to any global destination for urgent video production.

Professional TV & Video Production


If you have an important message to communicate, a great story to tell, or a specific audience you'd like to target, then the choice of delivery medium is growing every day

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As the various media converge and intertwine, the possibilities are becoming limited only by your imagination. So the tools you use to convey your message are becoming vitally important

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From cutting-edge documentaries to training DVDs, you need creative people with an understanding of sharp-end digital technologies to see you through the process

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SpurFilm are experienced producers of broadcast and new media products - from widescreen television dramas to multi-part documentaries, and interactive point-of sale DVDs

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We also specialize in reversioning existing media from any language into English. We are riding the waves of international communication. The global village is truly here


We possess the latest High-Definition camera technology and state of the art editing facilites

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