Standard Gauge in Transylvania
Working Steam Locomotives see more below

While there are many steam locomotives remaining in Romania, there were until recently only three available to haul trains on standard-gauge track in Romania. These are: 140.117 and 231.065 based in Sibiu, and 230.516 in Bucharest.

Moldovita and Calugareni Trains see more below

The Moldovita and Calugareni Trains are steam-hauled on the route from Bucharest to Snagov.

Sibiu Railway Museum see more below

The Sibiu railway museum contains examples from every era of the CFR history.

Narrow Gauge in Transylvania

Vaser Valley & Abrud Railways see more below

The narrow-gauge steam railway which runs for 15kms up the Vaser Valley in Maramures is a fine example of a working forest railway. Transylvania Express operate a tour from Targu Mures to Maramures which is specifically designed to link with the forest railway up the Vaser Valley.

Sibiu to Sighisoara Railway see more below

Trains operated on the stretch of narrow-gauge track between Sibiu to Agnita until 2004. Although deemed unviable, it provided a lifeline to the many towns and villages along its route. Today, there is a move to restore the trackbed, and resume operation of regular trains.

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